The Cyber Sled Terminal System was a holographic interface inside the Cyber Sled, which included every single building name and character name in the game, it detects major events as well. And also records every single thing that the player has done. Meaning a Large Library of Billions of Events. And a Screen in front of the Driver as well in the Cockpit.

Some of the best things recorded in the CSTS were

  1. Literally Crashing a Wedding and then killing the Bride and Groom, then driving off in front of a shocked and traumatised audience.
  2. Crashing an Office Boardroom Meeting and screaming through the Cyber Sled PA System, "Meetings are Boring!" and then killing the entire Boardroom.
  3. Killing people in a Park.
  4. Killing an abusive Husband.
  5. Gatecrashing a Motor Race and killing every driver.
  6. Crashing into a Team Headquarters and engaging in a massive Firefight or Sled Chase with another team.

The system also guaranteed that Teams and Drivers would develop Reputations that meant that people feared them whenever their Cyber Sleds drove on the streets. However, with no Law Enforcement system except Cyber Sled Bounty Hunters and Teams, people have to make do with it.

With 200 Million Players and 10 Million Teams, the game had to have a faster building respawn time, and new planets as well.

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