Miniature Bombs are a weapon in the Cyber Sled Online Series. 9 Cyber Credits Bought 250,000 Miniature Bombs the size of Peas. They have the capability to destroy entire Cyber Sleds and even Buildings. They are so small that as well as a Semi-Auto mode there is a Rapid Fire mode as well. Miniature Bombs were the most exploitable weapon in the game, however, CSO's rules included "No Nerfing or Banning, Griefing is Allowed". So a single Miniature Bomb could earn you 900 Cyber Credits as Cyber Sled Destruction was worth 900 Cyber Credits. Meaning 25 Million miniature bombs per Cyber Sled Destruction. To add further insult to injury, eventually Cyber Sled Destruction was worth how much the Cyber Sled was with weapons, which mean't up to 25,000 Cyber Credits. Meaning 675 Million miniature bombs per destruction. These weapons were further improved in Cyber Sled Anthropomorphic. Which was the first Cyber Sled game to be set in an Anthropomorphic Environment and to have an Online Mode Separate from Single Player.