Motorsport Relief was an event in Racing Universe 1 and 2 that happened every in-game year, it is very similar to Comic Relief or Sport Relief, except it centred on Motorsport, in it, Motorsport Icons from around the universe do a Telethon to raise money for a good cause. Like a Circuit Restoration Project or a Car Restoration Project. If you are lucky, you may be invited to Motorsport Relief. And also, there is a special "Motorsport Relief" racing series, which allows you to race on 3 classic video game racing circuits, and raise money for a good cause in-game as well. The Circuits may be improved or you may unlock several classic cars. You could watch the show on the In-Game Televisions, which of course there are Quintillions of on each planet.

Motorsport Relief liveries for the cars may also appear as well. And is presented by a "Murray Walker" and "Gary Lineker" and "Martin Brundle" Archetype.