Racing Universe 2 was a 2027 Racing Game for the BBC Neptune 5. It featured new teams and planets, as well as the original's interface which was considered the best Video Game UI in the world. With special permission from the Estate of C.S Lewis, Team Narnia became a team in the game, however, it was a special Narnian Team, with a Human/Animal Collaboration like Team MK as well as Mythological creatures taking a back role in the Team. The game also featured new Archetypes including the Liam Neeson Archetype as well, and new outdoor circuits as well.

The game also included a new Junkyard Planet, with Hundreds of Quintillions of Junkyards, each with Hundreds of Millions of Vehicles every in-game day, the team was called Team JNK and would use Demolition Derby Tactics to take out other racers. However, the planet was a dirty indoor planet compared to the futuristic sleek planets of the other teams.

The Narnian Planet has the most interesting Planet Introduction in the Game, you drive a car on a 5 Mile Road in the Countryside with twists and turns, with 9 other drivers, as soon as you get to the end of the road, there are 10 Wardrobes, as soon as you get in one, the Wardrobe is a lift that you can use to get to the Narnia Planet, which is completely Indoor, but has a special course on the overworld section of the planet.

The game had Billions of Achievements that were procedurally generated, Millions of them being generated each day, so there is no way to complete the game at 100%.

Also, for the first time in a Racing Universe game, you could play with other players Turing Developed Turing Tested Avatars that would capture your Voice and Appearance and turn it into an Archetype that you could customize, an evolved version of the Drivatar system from Forza. And you would form Grudges with them.