Racing Universe 4 was a 2096 Virtual Universe Completely Dedicated to Motorsport, 63 Billion people from Hang-On Universe moved here in 2096. The Universe has 30 Teams each with a Planet each 50 Times the size of Neptune which is 2900 times the size of Earth. The game's planets feature Hundreds of Quintillions of Unique Buildings each with 120 Floors and Countless Turing-Tested Characters indistinguishable from Human Beings.

The game sold Countless Cars as well, Quintillions of them.

The game has 20 Outdoor Planets each with a Video Game Circuit and a Real F1 Circuit. The game's Planets also had Metropolitan versions of Video Game Circuits. Countless Car Parts are also sold as well.

Overall, the game was very peaceful, and Quintillions of people watched the races. Wondering what would happen next, and mainly the courses were Video Game Championship Courses.