Richard Tugman, born in 2002, was an autistic Virtual-On/Gundam fan who was considered "The Christian Weston Chandler of the 2030s". He was a lonely Virgin for a while, and never got married until 2050. In 2033, he designed over 16,000 Virtuaroids and 8,000 Gundams alone. He came up with a supposedly genius Idea, Virtuadam, and the first of his Virtuaroid Gundam mix, Temdam, was created. He made several comics of the Temdam, however made very little money from them, he had completed every Virtual On game from Virtual On:Farthing Wood, and was the best at Multiplayer.

Sega eventually decided to give Richard Tugman a job in designing Virtuaroids, and also gave him a free pass to every Virtual On Convention at the Convention Centres. After Virtual-On Gundam 7 was released. He managed to get a Girlfriend and married her, and they had two children, Amber and Jonathan.

Richard Tugman's parents never really loved him that much, and therefore at times he would suffer Crippling Depression. But he was dedicated to completing Virtual On. And was also very famous at conventions. He was known for wearing a Blue and White striped shirt similar to Chris Chan's Red and Blue striped shirt.

Note: Richard Tugman is based on Christian Weston Chandler, the creator of the Infamous comic Sonichu, his last name comes from the Dead Rising 2 parody of Chris-Chan, Randall Tugman, who is also a Virgin with Rage.