Ryouji Shinkawa was a very destructive Cyber Sled Player that was a member of Team Mayhem, his CSTS record shows he caused 2 Billion events. And Killed Millions of Characters. He had a Rivalry with Scarface One, the leader of Team Phoenix, and as a result between them they caused 4 Billion Events between them, he also had 200 Million Achievements and 30 Million Challenges Completed. This rivalry was focused on ITV News who tried to say that the game was a "Terrorism Simulator". However, BBC, defending the game, said it was just plain fun and released the stress out of the two players.

Ryouji earned 367 Trillion Credits in the game, and used it to buy 170 Billion Rockets, and Trillions of Bullets, as well as 56 Billion Missiles. Then he bought 86 Billion Napalm Grenades and 65 Billion Grenades as well. Within his first week he earned 4 Billion Credits and bought Millions of rockets with the money.

Eventually, a match between Ryouji and Scarface One was decided on, in a massive arena, the match was very heated, with Ryouji sharing foul-mouthed Tirades against Scarface One, and eventually, Ryouji won. And earned the Cash Prize of 200 Trillion Credits. Ryouji's twin brother Kyouji Shinkawa, so named because he looked like the SAO Character of the same name. Was a convicted Murderer and a member of Team Laughing Coffin and got arrested by the police for attempting to murder Scarface One with a Syringe filled with Barbiturates. This caused ITV to further claim that the game was a "Terrorism Simulator". While BBC said it was really just an Accident. And that sometimes gaming can be very serious business.