During Scarface One's later years, using his experience from Virtual On, at 39 years old he played Cyber Sled Online, and started a fierce Rivalry with 16 year old player Ryouji Shinkawa, they once engaged in a Cyber Sled Chase that got so bad, 430,000 people died in the chase. Earning Scarface 4.6 Million Cyber Credits, which allowed him to buy 300,000 Rockets as part of a deal. This rivalry caused him to get very angry and he killed 27 Million people in the space of a year, a quarter of that of World War II, on his way to destroy Ryouji. However, during the arena match with Ryouji, which Millions of bloodthirsty viewers watched, he lost. And many bets were lost and the total prize fund went to Ryouji.

4 years later, Scarface increased his kill count to 108 Million. And was considered the most feared Cyber Sled Online player in years. And he was also the most successful ever. Gaining Hundreds of Millions of Achievements, Hundreds of Millions of Challenges and of course his Trillions of Cyber Credits. Causing Billions of events in the progress, Scarface became Idolized by all of Team Phoenix, and became the leader. The maximum speed of his Cyber Sled was 130 Mph.

Eventually, after 5 years, Scarface One moved on to Cyber Sled Online 2, and managed to get more kills than ever.

Scarface One also had the very unfortunate achievement of having been almost murdered by Ryouji's brother Kyouji. Scarface, who thought it was weird that someone who looked, sounded and was exactly like a SAO character knew what he was doing, called the cops on him and got him arrested.