Team Changeling was a very famous Cyber Sled Online 2 team who were headed by Karen "Chrysalis" Barr. The Team was well known for causing more chaos on the streets than Team Mayhem, Team Laughing Coffin and Team Phoenix Combined.

The team was well known internationally for an incident where they crashed an in-game royal wedding, assassinated the Groom and the Bride, and were well known by Millions of CSO 2 players for it. They were even on BBC News, which now spends most of its time reporting on CSO 2 and many other games. Drivers for the team were often referred to as "Changelings" and caused many issues for Phoenix, Laughing Coffin and Mayhem.

But then suddenly, Team Royalty was formed, by King William and Queen Catherine, who were interested and addicted to the game so much they started a four man team, with Andrew Francis and Britt McKillip, two MLP Actors also driving for the team. This started a war within Cyber Sled Online which caused lots of destruction and death in its wake. BBC News reported on the entire high speed Firefight that it was bizarre actual Royalty were playing it. However, Video Games had become so mainstream by then, it was impossible for Celebrities not to play it. BBC also reported that this was rather hypocritical of the King, who was known for supporting Peaceful people like Nelson Mandela. However, the King responded to the comments by saying "Peace through Virtual Violence". And continued on destroying Team Changeling.

The game featured a system where you could buy 200000 Cyber Credits for £100. So as a result, Team Royalty had countless amounts of Rockets, Missiles and Bullets. This war caused the deaths of 567 Million Characters. And lasted for Three Months. Until a Truce was agreed. After this, Karen angrily quit the team and became an Independent Player, lurking around for any unlucky player to find her by chance.