Team White Deer Planet were a Team in Racing Universe. And were a completely Anthropomorphic Farthing Wood based planet, with it being a British Woodland Based Mall Planet, and the only outdoor mall planet in the game. With Quintillions of Skyscrapers, Countless of Trees surrounding the Skyscrapers and Turing Tested Characters with different Archetypes. Including Fox, the Boss of the team who was voiced by the Rupert Farley Archetype. Which was an Artificial Intelligence based on Rupert Farley. There were also characters voiced by the Sally Grace Archetype, the Jeremy Barrett Archetype and the Ron Moody Archetype. The planet produced countless amounts of cars and Billions of different cars could be bought in the game as each Mall had 300,000 different Car Manufacturers that each manufactured 25,000,000 different cars.

The Procedurally Generated Content had an Infinite Variation, and were indistinguishable from the Handmade Content. As well as these Archetypes, Millions of different Archtypes based on general people were established as well. The default team livery was a british racing green livery that was an environmental based livery.

The Team's Home Circuit was a Rallying Circuit that you could choose soundtrack from the original Sega Saturn version of Sega Rally. It featured a mixture of the biomes from Sega Rally, the first part being the Desert Course, then the Forest Course, complete with Tunnel, the Mountain Course, with Skyscrapers instead of villages, and the Lakeside Course, which was a lake covered with autumn trees and Skyscrapers, however in Daylight instead of Sunset.

If you won all the races, you'd get a special awards ceremony scene based on Virtua Racing's awards ceremony scene where Fox gives you a special medal for you to keep, and the championship trophy as well, also for you to keep.