The Bill:Virtua Cop was a special edition of The Bill that ran for 6 Episodes, and involved James Heaton(John Heaton's son) and Michael Cools working for Sun Hill Police Department, which has temporarily relocated to Virtua City while the old building was being rebuilt. Characters such as Don Beech(Acted by Price's from the Modern Warfare series actor, Billy Murray), Charles Tyrell and John Heaton.

James "Smarty" Heaton and Michael "Rage" Cools are investigating a series of crimes in Virtua City, and an Evil Corporation that is actually called "Evil Inc", eventually, it leads to a confrontation with former Lawyer Charles Tyrell who has become the vice president of Evil Inc, as well as this, it turns out that a man named Joe Fang(David Leytze) heads the business, and has stolen prototype Helicopter Technology from the headquarters of the SAAF Gunblade Division. After this, the second part begins, Joe Fang is presumed dead from the Helicopter Crash. However, more bank money smuggling begins, and after a Jewellery Heist, James and Rage pursue in a massive Car Chase involving Steve Owen from Eastender's, Steve Owen's Van is loaded with explosives and blows up, killing 4 Police Officers who tried to stop him. After this, it is revealed that Bobby Louise is behind the Bank Robbery, and after a massive fight with Rage and Smarty. Gets arrested, eventually, the mayor of Virtua City is being held hostage on a boat, and after a fight with men in Jetpacks, rescue the Mayor, who was being held in the Boiler Room. Finally, a massive Terrorist takeover of a Subway happens and eventually, Joe Fang's right hand man is revealed to be Nick Cotton, piloting a CAT Tank. After he is defeated, Nick is shot several times and dies.

Finally, Joe Fang, having enough of the Virtua City Sun Hill crew, trys to detonate an Airship full of Toxic Gas over the city. He fails, and Joe Fang dies after a massive Jetpack Accident.

After this, Sun Hill relocates back to London and James and Rage decide to do training for the SAAF Gunblade Division, featuring 500 RPM Machine Guns on an Apache Helicopter.

The series was well received and was praised for giving it the "Virtua Cop Spirit".