Torby was an Avid Fan of Virtual On and Farthing Wood, and recently took part in the "Gastropark" Craze that happened recently in 2018. Where themed restaurants would exist, including one based on Joan of Arc, and another a Virtual On Themed Restaurant similar to the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara, which it has been twinned with.

Torby's mother, however, was not so keen, she did not like how Torby was addicted to BBC-Sega's ramblings. Every year, she would feel so lonely when Torby and her Dad went to the Virtual On Convention at the VOC Centre.

It was Torby's mother's Birthday, and Torby had got her a present, a British Library Book club coupon, there were several choices to choose from, including one about Judy Garland and the Wizard of Oz, which Torby's mother absolutely loved, which she ticked, and this intriguing book by Richard Fisher, which she also ticked.

The Next day, Torby went out with her friend Sadie to the local Virtual-On Arcade, in the meantime, Torby's mother was reading the book, "Have you ever realized that your Kids seem to have been obsessed with Animals that Talk and Robots that Fight?", intrigued, Torby's Mother flipped another page, "Your Son or Daughter is addicted to Virtual-On, and Farthing Wood, you know what I suggest? Let them read a book or do gardening work", Torby's mother was shocked, could this be the answer?

Torby was playing Virtual-On against Sadie, and won several rounds, then they rung a Pizza Delivery to deliver a Pizza to their house.

Meanwhile, Torby's Mother had a well guarded secret, she had a rubber plant that for some reason, she would talk to, when the Pizza was delivered, Torby's mother spoke to the Pizza as if it was a person, "Why what a lovely thing you are" then as soon as Torby went in, Torby's Mother suddenly screamed. Torby did not know what was wrong.

That morning, Torby woke up to find her BBC Neptune and Television missing, when she went downstairs, Torby's Mother was in an irritable, crazy mood, "I Got rid of them all yeah, and now my child won't have to chant CYBER TROOPERS, every morning. As well as REMEMBER THE OATH". Torby was so upset, she asked Sadie where the Television and console might be, and Sadie remembered that she saw Torby's Mother putting stuff in the shed, so Torby confronted her mother about it, and told her mother that you could get the Wizard of Oz on DVD, and that you can watch it over and forever for your life, Torby's Mother, although disappointed that her daughter will keep playing VO:FW, decided to give it all back because technology wasn't all that bad.