Universal Smart Phone System was an Innovative System used in Racing Universe. The Smart Phone allowed you to Ring one of the Hundreds of Quintillions of Characters in the game, as well as Countless amounts of companies and also allowed you to use your voice to speak to characters. As a special headset was required to play Racing Universe to talk during the races and during the game. So long as there was no strong swearing, that was automatically filtered out and no characters reacted to it. You could say the word Cuss or Bloomin instead. The Smartphone also allowed you to browse the In-Game Internet System, along with the many countless computers found in the game, each with Quintillions of files that contain documents of Previous Races, Car Designs and Business Records. The game featured countless websites, and was basically called even better than the real internet, there was the IPV Interplanetary Video website, which was like Youtube but for Racing Universe, where your Replays would often get up to Hundreds of Billions views. Mostly you get Millions of views when you start, but when you win the championship it goes into the Hundreds of Billions.

Also included in the USPS system was a version of Twitter called Interplanetary Bulletin, or IPB. Where you could tweet as one of the countless tweets in the game.

Also included with the USPS was a map system, that guided you to anywhere you needed to go.