Virtual On:Farthing Wood, was a 1999 game for the Sega Dreamcast that was a special remake of Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, characters from The Animals of Farthing Wood have their very own Virtuaroids, and for the first time in the Virtual On Series, features a full on Cockpit View, where you can see the paws of the characters on the Controls. The game was a joint venture between BBC and Sega. And introduced Farthing Wood to Japanese Media, everyone thought that the characters were so "Kawaii" so they bought toys of the Virtuaroids and Anthropomorphic versions of the Farthing Wood Characters. The story goes like this: After their original woodland habitat of tree-houses is destroyed by RNA Virtuaroids, The Animals of Farthing Wood start a rebellion and join DNA corps. The game featured all of the original Farthing Wood actors, and introduced David Holt as an RNA Pilot, as well as feature celebrity cameos from Kellie Bright and Patsy Palmer as an RNA Fei-Yen Duo, the game was Critically Lauded for it's inclusion of Farthing Wood Characters, it's spin on the Farthing Wood Plot, and being the first Virtual On game to properly have a Storyline. Heck, Rupert Farley and his Children still play the game to this day. Craig Charles also makes a guest appearance as the head of RNA.

The game's only Criticisms were directed towards how the optional First Person View caused Nausea, and how fans wanted a Sequel.

A sequel finally came out in 2002 for the PS2. And continued the RNA saga and introduced Martin Kemp to the group of RNA Fighters. It also had Orchestral versions of the Virtual On Soundtrack for Saturn, now remastered by Detlev Kuhne. And included an even better Cockpit View. The Plot focused on a Human(Portrayed by Martin Kemp) and him forging an alliance with another Fox called Scarface, they cause a global disruption and RNA is reformed, and they want to use the power to re-activate Z-Gradt.

Because of this, Virtual On became extremely popular, 7 Million units came out for the PS2, and the Dreamcast version sold 1.5 Million. The BBC were rather impressed, and this resulted in CBBC creating a special Virtual On based Remake of Farthing Wood. EastEnders also got a futuristic Spin-Off focusing on Virtual-On. And the three universes interlocked, becoming BBC's most successful franchise and more successful than Teletubbies and Doctor Who.