Virtual On:Redwall was actually by a different team of developers than Virtual On:Farthing Wood, and while fans were disappointed that it wasn't Tyrone Savage's promised Virtual On/Gundam Crossover, the game still was the best selling video game of 2017, and the most downloaded on BBC-Sega's new game System, BBC Neptune, the game sold 20 Million units in the UK, becoming the second best selling Virtual On game before Virtual On/Gundam. The game allowed for custom Virtuaroids, which numbered in the Millions, and a Virtuaroid Livery Editor. The game also featured 240 new Virtuaroids, and 120 Characters, and featured voices by Steven Blum, Tyrone Savage and 20 Actors, including Rupert Farley, however, Ron Moody was absent from this game as he died 2 years before it came out. The game became the most remembered of the Virtual On:Farthing Wood games. With a special tribute message saying "In Memory of Ron Moody and Yuushi Matsuyama", the Gundam Composer who also died in a fire that year. It came out in November 2017.