Virtual On:Multiversal Crisis was the much anticipated 2020 Virtual On Game that finally crossed Virtual On with Mobile Suit Gundam, as well as Redwall finally being crossed over with Farthing Wood. The game featured 440 Different Mechs, and Hundreds of Characters. Including Amuro Ray, Fox, Matthias, Judao Ashta and Char Aznable. The plot is, Slagar, Char, and Scarface team up after a multiversal breach, the game was rather awesome and was the best selling game of 2020 in the UK and Japan. Where it sold over 74 Million copies. The game was well received, and was launched with the best reception of a Virtual-On Game ever.

VOC 2021 as a result was the best VOC ever, BBC Televised it, and interviewed Rupert Farley, Tyrone Savage, Toru Furuya and Brad Swaile. As Thousands of Virtuaroids and Gundam were seen at VOC 2021.