Virtual On:Redwall came out in 2016, 7 years after Virtual On:Farthing Wood 4 came out, for the first time, Virtual On would crossover with Redwall, with characters such as Matthias, Mattimeo, Slagar, Cluny, Cornflower, Jess Squirrel and Basil Staghare getting their own Virtuaroids, the game was set in the fictional universe of Redwall, where Slagar the Cruel starts a war with his own company, RNA, and builds a new Z-Gradt Model, called Z-Gradt II. Cluny the Scourge is somehow back from the dead and with Slagar. The Redwallers turn Redwall into a Virtuaroid Plant and start their own company, DNA, and battle on the Moon as well.

The game featured 120 Virtuaroids, as many as their were original Gundam, and 60 Characters with 2 Virtuaroids each, except Slagar, who pilots Z-Gradt II. The game was made for a request by former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who wanted one of his favourite fictional franchises, to be crossed with his favourite Video Game. The game was also made with permission from Brian Jacques family, Former US President Barack Obama was also found addicted to it, and said it was "The Only Video Game I would ever play", as Barack Obama didn't really like video games. Tony Blair had memories of his dinner with Brian Jacques as well.

The game sold 70 Million Copies within 2 Days, and became the best selling Virtual On Game ever, with next-gen graphics and despite a recycled storyline, was praised for it's gameplay and it's lovable cast. Tyrone Savage even hinted towards what would be the "Best Mech Game Ever", "Virtual On/Gundam/Redwall/Farthing Wood" or simply "BBC Virtual On: Multiversal Battle".