The Virtual On Convention, also known as VOC, was a Virtual On/Farthing Wood Convention first held at the NEC Birmingham, and televised live by the BBC, the first convention took place in 2006, and attracted Millions of Viewers and Hundreds of Thousands of visitors, Virtual On:Farthing Wood 3 had a special promotional Virtuaroid related to the Convention. And a Panel featuring all of the 12 Virtual On Farthing Wood Actors were there, as well as the Virtuaroid Designers. A Design a Virtuaroid Competition was also held during the Convention, and Thousands of people took part, the Winner being a Young Boy who designed a Virtuaroid called Jaguarandi II, which was a commercial version of Jaguarandi that is the same size as Raiden and features known weaponry. This went on for 3 conventions, until finally Virtual On: Farthing Wood 4 included the 3. A Virtual On Tournament was also held, which was seen by Millions, Jeremy Barrett won against a boy only known as Scarface One, a 9 year old autistic player who bought the game early that year and played demos of it as a Child. Scarface One met, for the first time that year, Jon Glover, who shook his hand and said that he had talent.

Scarface One later won the 2007 "Design a Virtuaroid" competition. And today has become one of the most prolific players of Virtual On.

Many Chefs and Whovians criticized the Convention for being BBC's first most popular convention, whilst the Doctor Who convention and Good Food convention were second and third.

By 2010, the Convention was held in a very special Convention Centre specifically designed for the Convention in the British Countryside, which was the same size as the NEC, except it was entirely dedicated to Virtual On and became even bigger than the World Expo. Hundreds of Model Virtuaroids were also put on display during the Conventions.