"Why did the Public Get So Obsessed" was a 2014 book by Richard Fisher, it was about how Society's downfall was caused by being obsessed with Giant Robots and Anthropomorphic Animals, it was very similar to a similar book that featured a women who took her children to a cabin with no electricity, and they were better behaved. Richard Fisher decided to do the same thing with his Children, constructing a soundproof cabin with shuttable windows so that they are not exposed to Wildlife. Richard Fisher believes that the Downfall of society is due to Anthropomorphic literature and Robots. His book was once on the London Book Mailing List. However, not many people read it and the people who did were really crazy women who did not understand the Robots and Furries craze.

Note: This will be documented in a story very similar to one of Tim Kennemore's, writer of Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.